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Brought up in Leeds, in the UK by two very ambitious and optimistic parents who provided only the best environment for me to thrive and and succeed. I was raised with an immense amount of work ethic, my father an entrepreneur himself and mum working full time in finance, I was shown from a young age that hard work will always pay off.

As a young child I always dreamt of owning my own business, is it genetic? I don't know, maybe? Both my grandfathers were also entrepreneurs in the leather footwear and hospitality industry in Zimbabwe and Kenya, Africa (a continent very close to my heart).

As a straight A student at school, I went to University to study International Politics, a subject I loved. As a naive, idealistic Leena as I was then, I believed I could change the world by myself, but in reality I guess my childhood dream of being a business owner never left me. In 2008 I researched a gap in the recruitment market place and in 2009 Citrus Connect Recruitment was born.

Being a business owner has come with its own challenges, it's peaks and troughs, its learning curves but I wouldn't change a second of it as it has moulded me to who I am today.

I pride myself on the value that we add to our clients on a daily basis. I am sincerely proud of the team I am privileged to work with everyday, but most of all I am proud that I lead Citrus Connect with heart and with soul, and complete transparency.

My ultimate aim is to change the face of recruitment, we are here to serve our clients to enhance and grow their business, to work in partnership and alliance to create a win/win relationship, and so far I would say with our clients we do exactly that.

Recruitment Expert

With more than a decades experience under my belt, I can say that I understand the recruitment industry incredibly well, I take time to understand what a client requires, what their business goals are, what their immediate and long term needs are and from there we create a strategy to ensure their specific goals are met. With our in-house intelligence, we can help businesses recruit the right people in the right place, grow their business and also retain their team for their ultimate success.

Businesses come to us when they want to grow, sustain and retain or require a further understanding of exactly what people their business needs for the growth plans they have. I work very closely with Sales Directors in all industries to ensure we work in tandem with with their specific goals.

In 2020, I was nominated for Business Woman of the Year (winner yet to be announced due to COVID-19), a nomination I was thrilled at for being recognised for my resilience and passion to make a difference in what is known as such a 'cut throat' industry. The most common question is always...as a Woman in Business, how does it feel to be nominated? My answer is simple, my gender is irrelevant, what is relevant is the value I add to my clients business every single, damn, day! It really is that SIMPLE fo rme!

Health and Conscious Living

What has health got to do with being an entrepreneur? And conscious living? I believe in living a holistic life. Without being health and financially conscious, I can sincerely say that myself and Citrus Connect would not be where we are today.

We hear it all the time, true wealth is health, and it is the absolute truth. I work out everyday not because I have to but because it helps me become a better entrepreneur, I spend time in the forests and nature because it helps my creativity and problem solving for my clients (as every entrepreneur knows problem solving has to be the number one skill you must have!) I am aware of what I eat and keep my body in its optimum health because it helps me serve my family, team and clients in a soul aligned way.

For me personally, I run a business so I can give back, and being socially conscious means I spend a lot of time reviewing our company's Corporate Social Responsibility. I love my work with Love Support Unite where I work closely with families and children in Malawi in sustainability and education projects. Living is about 'giving and taking', it is about a natural 'in and out', so from an energetic point of view how can Citrus Connect and I ever succeed without ever giving back. Thats why Citrus Connect and I will always commit to partnering with a charity to create REAL, positive difference in the world. I will continue to make a change in the world my own way.

I am passionate about the earth we live and breathe, and ensure that Citrus Connect and I personally are aware of our carbon footprints - whether it be ethical and slow fashion, a plastic free life for me personally; or having a paper free business, every action is carefully considered and thought about. Buying my vegetables in brown paper bags and finding a refill shop for my grains is just as much a financial decision as well as being environmentally conscious. It's important we understand money, and it's real purpose; for me, conscious living is also about being financial well-being. As a business owner and an individual, financial responsibility is another very important skill I have learnt.

So, that's about it in terms of who I am, and where I have come from and for the question of what now? Well, Citrus Connect will continue to grow and serve as many clients as we possibly can and for me personally, I will continue to make a positive difference in this amazing world we live in my own way.

All my Love, Leena x

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